Data Visualization

Customizable and powerful data visualizations

You will be amazed by the power and flexibility of our data visualizations.

Our data visualizations help you to create best practice, interactive dashboards and rich reports for complete data insight.

iTrak BI visualizations are extremely interactive, engaging the users and helping to understand data better and faster. While custom interactivity can be easily added, the visualizations already include a great deal of interactivity without requiring any setup, simply out of the box:


Data Interactions

Drill down/up, changing aggregation level (instead of drilling down on a specific year, view the entire chart at the month level), sorting, filtering, zoom in/out, grouping and expanding are easily available from the right click context menu and don't require any IT assistance for setup.


Changing any visualization into any other visualization of choice is a matter of a simple click and selection. Users can opt to view the data in a bar chart, re-visualize it to a map visualization and then to a table as they see fit for their data and needs.

Chart Animated Transitions

iTrak BI carefully separates out and smoothly transitions different kinds of changes: changes to data point positions and colors based on values, chart type changes, changes to axis reference points, and advanced interactions such as drill down, drill up, changing level, filtering, sorting, grouping, and zooming in or out to allow viewers to better and more visually understand changes to data points when doing any kind of analysis. iTrak BI also staggers changes to a series of data points to reduce the number of movements viewers see at any one time.

Data Brushing

Automatic brushing allows users to see where the same data is represented in another visualization instantly when moving the mouse over it or interacting with it on a tablet. Identifying relationships and related performance points becomes an easier task when your data responds to your actions.


Choose from a wide range of: scorecards and grids, charts, gauges, maps and other visualizations. Take a look at our sample dashboards to see some of what is possible with iTrak BI.



Offers numerous chart types to choose from such as column/bar, stacked column/bar, multi-level pie, sunburst, line, curved line, scatter plot, bubble, area, curved area, stacked area, 100% stacked bar/area, box plot, range, curved range, range column/bar (Gantt like), candlestick and stock.




Gauges visualize dynamic data on an ongoing basis. They are best used when displaying values against targets or historical values allowing for a quick view, so they offer a complementary function to charts that are used for showing more details.



iTrak BI maps provides a level of visualization and interactivity that goes far beyond what can be achieved with a data table or graph. Use our mapping component to enhance your dashboard by displaying (and customizing) a wide variety of maps, making your geographic data far easier to read and interpret.



The treemap is a hierarchical visualization that shows a distribution of values using differently sized and colored rectangles. Since there are two dimensions (size and color), the treemap can convey two pieces of information for each item. Treemaps are great for visually displaying the relative sizes and values of a large number of distinct items.


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