iView Systems integrated software for incident & security management reporting easily tracks, manages & reports activities; providing a complete audit trail for accountability, compliance & enforcement


Integrated. Intelligent. Insightful.

The iTrak platform is designed around a modular architecture to meet the needs for security transactions, information and compliance. The result is a higher level of service to both internal and external customers, greater efficiency, and reduced costs. iView Systems provides a highly flexible secure platform, configurable to comply with customer specific operational procedures and parameters.


  • Modular architecture enables clients to effectively customize the system to meet their specific needs and budgets
  • Complete compliance with Clery Act collection and reporting requirements.
  • Available as a conventional installed software platform or delivered via Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

The iView Advantage

All the functionality you need in a reporting system and more!



  • Developed using an open system standards based architecture. This enables integration with many related systems such as: Risk Management (CCSMI); HRM Systems (PeopleSoft); PSIM environments (Proximex)

Single converged System

  • Scalable to unlimited properties and clients significantly reducing the cost per property in multi-property deployments


  • Advanced forms library provides incident specific form types as well as auto population of related data for forms required by local regulations such as OSHA, WSIB, UCR – review based on rich vs web client availability

Collaboration between principal stakeholders

  • Access to specified incident transactions can be shared on an as needed basis and / or restricted to only selected personnel / departments

Consistent reporting, speed and accuracy

  • Minimized typing via drop down classifications, standardized to the client’s requirements, ensures consistent reporting format and improved accuracy

Advanced search tools

  • Data collection forms provide consistent, timely and accurate format, enabling logical searching, grouping and statistical reporting

Integrated SIM platform

  • Provides the common point of convergence for all related security transactions
  • Fully converged system provides an end to end solution for all transactions relating to Security, Surveillance, Loss Prevention, Safety and Risk Management operations

Standard based technology

  • Continuously evolving modular platform using the latest technology tools, enabling integration and addition of new technologies significantly reducing potential system obsolescence
  • Lower IT costs compared to management required for multiple disparate systems


  • Confidential investigations and transactions can be restricted to an individual or group on a “need to know” basis
  • All system transactions (Including record open, views, edits, changes, etc) are audited and time / date stamped under the originators username
  • Client / Server environment, databases protected within the IT security infrastructure
  • Role based access with highly granular permissions structure

Centralized collection of all relevant data with transaction linkages

  • Incident and subject centricity with advanced search tools enables rapid identification of target subjects
  • Subject information system provides access to all related data such as past incidents, status and all associated persons, without having to access multiple systems or files
  • Incident investigation process captures the “entire story” from initial event to narrative, participants, media, video, and incident specific forms

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