Property Management

By leveraging data-driven security intelligence clients can track, assess and address concerns or incidents in real-time resulting in safer, more efficient facilities operating at reduced costs with minimum exposure to liability. 

With increased violence in the workplace, theft and espionage, all buildings can be left vulnerable and liable. iView Systems’ software solution suite helps strengthen security measures to protect the people, assets and the bottom line of businesses by managing the documentation of evidence, providing a complete audit trail for accountability, compliance and enforcement.

iView software allows you to leverage your existing operational systems or integrate with third -party vendors. By leveraging data-driven security intelligence clients can readily track, assess and address concerns or incidents in real-time resulting in safer, more efficient facilities operating at reduced costs with minimum exposure to liability.

The base iTrak platform includes the modules required for delivering a full functioning Incident Management solution that tracks and reports on employee, customer, and visitor activity including tracking vehicles. In addition to the internal work flows providing event and data driven notifications and reporting, ITrak provides tools for:

  • Banning persons from a facility and tracking subject activity based on known associates and group membership
  • Tracking employee schedules
  • Tracking employee skills, training and certifications
  • Delivering notifications and scheduled reports to designated personnel

Add-on modules further enhance the value of the data collection and greatly expand the reporting delivered through the iTrak platform.


iPass Visitor Management with Unmanned Kiosk option
Provides secure management of all site visitors with internal approval workflow that streamlines visitor registration, tracking and badging.


Anonymous e-Web Reporting
Provides a confidential and secure method of anonymous reporting. Allows patrons, contractors, and employees to safely report crimes, threats, issues, harassment, and violations, through a secure web-based system. Promotes an organizations a commitment to a safe and secure environment.


Real time monitoring of dispatch traffic and officer management including tracking/assigning radio call signs and equipment.


Work Order
Create and track individual parts for use in all work orders including quantity, cost, customizable part categories and details. Track spare parts inventory on-hand for reconciliation with contractor billings.


iTrax Mobile Reporting
Integrated guard management system for monitoring, reporting and managing your security operations. Provides proof attendance/verification for insurance/compliance/ legal and safety requirements.


Business Intelligence (BI)
Turn your incident data into actionable intelligence with powerful dashboard reporting and data visualization tools to your desktop in real-time. Reduce costs & exposure to risk & liability with predictive reporting, dashboards & analytics.

Learn more about how iView Systems Software helps you track, extract and identify key data intelligence to drive strategic and tactical business decisions.

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