Powerful New Modules and Features in Flagship iTrak® Version 6.0

Oakville, Ontario, December 13, 2016 – iView Systems, leaders in physical security information management reporting solutions, today announced the next evolution of its powerful flagship reporting platform, the iTrak® Incident Reporting & Risk Management System Version 6.0. This release includes the addition of significant enhancements and feature updates, including the collaborative Case Management and automated iDispatch Security Kiosk Modules. The Case Management module provides a unique user-friendly, secure environment to create, manage and complete the investigation life-cycle, while the iDispatch Security Kiosk Module streamlines dispatch resources in real-time.

Managing security operations is more complex than ever for organizations faced with evolving mandates, shifting risk priorities and restrictive budgets. The iTrak® Platform centralizes information from disparate sources into an integrated framework to collect, manage, track and report on all incidents and activities in one cohesive platform. "In Version 6.0, iView responded to customers’ needs and the demands of security and surveillance operations to close the loop on full investigation reporting. iView added powerful new modules and features that make the iTrak® software a complete reporting solution to meet the needs of enterprises of all sizes," said Martin Drew, President and CEO, iView Systems. “iTrak® Version 6.0 features several innovations that increase usability, aiding organizations in managing their own unique security, surveillance, risk and loss prevention environments.”

Building on the proven technology developed and refined for over a decade in highly regulated industries, iView’s newest platform version 6.0 is a major release with the deployment of new modules including:

Case Management

iDispatch Security Officer Management Kiosk

Plus over 60 customer requested new features and enhancements in the following modules:

• Ad-hoc Reporting

• Administration

• API (Software Development Kit)

• Best Practices

• Audit

• Incident File

• iPass Visitor Management

• iKiosk Security Management

• Lost and Found

• Media

• Notifications

• Personnel

• Subjects

The iTrak® Case Management Module offers an enhanced and integrated investigation and case management tool that supports the dynamic work that occurs during an investigation. It allows routing information to the right users, managing content- and context-centric workflows, while tracking investigation processes for strong investigative and case-collaboration. Ease of use, accuracy and clarity are important elements of the design and enables single click escalation of any incident to a formal case investigation.

“We are very excited to bring a radically new graphical user interface (GUI) design to the security and loss prevention marketplace. The interface has been designed around the needs of the investigators with unique features such as instant views to all case information, without having to switch between elements and forms, including an interactive case time line view, said Martin Drew, CPP, President, iView Systems. The case “container” captures and organizes all relevant content and activity on an investigation, providing a single, consistent view of the case to all members of the investigative team, while the case elements can be laid out visually to suit the individual investigator's preferences and requirements.


Incident and case management tools are the core of any investigations group. A collaborative case management environment fosters efficiency and transparency in the investigative process for a holistically driven approach reducing the complexity, time associated expenses.

For security, surveillance, loss prevention and risk managers to properly conduct investigations, the iTrak® Case Management Module leverages the existing capabilities of the iTrak® Incident Reporting Platform. This facilitates the investigation process by using the software’s existing integrated incident and subject centric approach to seamlessly tie a variety of incident data sources to the case.

iDispatch Security Officer Management Kiosk

Properties, campuses and other large facilities with sizable multi shift security frontline officer pools face significant challenges in managing availability and individual officer resources. This includes the requirement to brief, provide post orders, all while checking officers in efficiently and effectively, during high traffic shift starts and changes. When combined with the additional in shift requirements to constantly change availability and break status, the whole process becomes very time-consuming. Dispatcher or operations centre managers who process high volumes of phone and/or radio calls for availability, know this can be a tedious and inefficient process, with less time spent on actual frontline security, safety or calls for service.

The iDispatch Security Officer Management Kiosk solution works in conjunction with the iDispatch Module to automate officer sign-in/out/status with simple integrated authentication and management. The officer can sign in with their unique employee RFID card, optionally authenticated with fingerprint biometrics that then updates their availability in real-time to the back office iDispatch System.

The interface is entirely “self-service” and easy to use. Once signed in and authenticated, the officer simply selects their status as: available; unavailable, on break, off duty as well as log radio ID and location codes as required. Upon sign-in the officer is presented with their daily brief or post orders specific to their location. This provides an effective method of delivering up-to-date details pertaining to the specific property, be on the lookout (BOLO), VIP special events, while delivering specific relevant post orders to officer podiums or locations.

The iDispatch Security Officer Management Kiosk:

Replaces single point of management for dispatch officers

  • Automates the sign in/out/break process
  • Automatically provides Security briefing/location based post orders on sign in
  • RFID support