Oakville, Ontario, June 20, 2014 – iView Systems is making it easier for American colleges and universities to track, report and manage security and related incidents to meet federal requirements for disclosing  information about campus crime.

clery-act-and-crime-reportingUnder the Jeanne Clery Act, American higher education institutions that participate in federal financial aid programs must disclose information about crimes committed on or near campus. Under related legislation, schools are also required to provide timely warnings of reported crimes that represent a threat to the safety of students or employees.

The latest version of the award winning iView Systems’ iTrak® Incident Reporting platform for education campuses and facilities delivers a comprehensive security platform for incident reporting that enables complete compliance with Clery Act collection and reporting requirements, including the ability to:

  • Collect, classify, count and report on crime and other statistics.
  • Provide timely warnings of reported crimes.
  • Easily create and retrieve specific incident or related information.
  • Store, manage and publish policies and procedures in support of the Clery Act, Violence Against Women Act and Sexual Violence Elimination Act.

 The iTrak platform also supports trespass management, risk management and data visualization functionalities.

 “We recognize the importance and reporting requirements of the Clery Act and related legislation, and are proud to offer higher education institutions the ability to easily and effectively comply with the associated reporting requirements, “said Martin Drew, President, iView Systems.” With iView’s expertise in incident reporting, Clery Reporting is inherent to our reporting capability.  We can offer higher education facilities a scalable and integrated reporting solution that provides federal compliance capabilities.”


iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management System is a modular security reporting software platform designed to manage and automate key tasks in risk management environments. The iTrak platform delivers daily log, briefing, full incident reporting, subject and personnel profiling, vehicle, end user notification and administration for comprehensive user, group and property security reporting. Other available modules include the Lost & Found, Dispatch, Visitor Management, License Plate Recognition, Facial Recognition, Audit, Work Order, Anti Money Laundering and Responsible Gaming Solutions.


In addition to Clery compliance reporting, iTrak® provides extensive abilities for:

  • Data Collection - Simple, fast, accurate, consistent, fully audited and secure, delivering instant statistical reporting and distribution.
  • Data Searching and Filtering - Easy-to-use tools allowing users to search and filter by single or multiple criteria, with the ability to save standard customized report filters as required.
  •  Detailed incidents and investigation capabilities providing the ability to capture complete story, video, scanned documents, external files, links to long term DVR storage, real time video capture, legal and procedural form automation (Uniform Crime Reporting, Occupational Health and Safety, etc.).
  •  Incident and subject centric views providing direct access to individual event involvements and history.
  • Optional Anonymous Web Based Reporting allowing members of any campus environment  (faculty members, staff, students, contractors, visitors to campus) to report incident information on a voluntary, confidential basis.
  • Centralized highly scalable multi campus secure reporting.


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