iTrak® BI Delivers Dynamic Dashboard Risk Analytics & Reporting 

iView Systems is excited to announce the most recent addition to the iTrak® family of Incident Reporting and Risk Management solutions, the iTrak® BI (Business Intelligence) Module. The iTrak® BI Module delivers powerful dashboard visualizations from information reported in the iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management and other data sources in real-time, providing users a visual representation of their incident and other iTrak information. This allows organizations to quickly extract meaningful business intelligence to detect emerging trends & identify risks, threats & vulnerabilities.  

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“In the security and related risk fields, data comes in an unending stream from every device and direction. iTrak® BI provides the ability to analyze a multitude of transactions and information on one centralized platform, empowering users to capture, analyze and glean actionable insight, hidden in the layers of data within your enterprise,” states Martin Drew, President, iView Systems. 

Data-driven risk management requires situational awareness that can only come from a systemic and holistic approach. True value comes from correlating incident data into actionable intelligence, from data visually presented in an appealing format.

"By giving security and risk related managers the ability to track, organize and analyze their data via configurable dashboard visualizations, iTrak BI can provide context and comparison of security related information. This context moves the risk capabilities of an organization toward prevention from a traditional reporting and documentation function, providing the ability to show causality and structure, while giving insight into security and safety related issues.” explains Mr. Drew. "Our Incident Management solution iTrak® provides 360 degree capabilities for the entire incident management process; from collection, tracking, managing, reporting to associated automation and analysis, all delivered via the iTrak easy-to use intuitive interface and centralized platform."

 iTrak® BI real-time, interactive dashboard reporting and visualization. 

  • Manages dynamic business data, providing the ability to control the visualization and analysis of data in real-time.
  • iTrak® BI is equipped with a large selection of high-quality data controls and visualizations, effectively presenting  the data to associated audience
  • Connects and consolidates data into one system, regardless of where your data resides; saving time and money.
  • iTrak® BI empowers end-users to create, interpret, analyze and drill down through a wealth of information for effective decision-making in real time.
  • iTrak® BI adapts to the business so users don’t have to adapt to the product.
  • iTrak® BI gives users a range of viewing options that are designed specifically for both desktop and mobile delivery providing important metrics on the-go.
  • iTrak® BI allows communication, collaboration and the ability to take direct action via commenting capability directly on the dashboards  – allowing effective and immediate the insight to make better business decisions.
  • iTrak® BI Dashboards lets users choose, filter, format and sort metrics they need to see, with the ability to share and collaborate the finished results (mashups) with other users.
  • The web-based solution lets users create, view, and interact with dashboards directly in a web browser – with no need to install a separate desktop application.

The primary tool of security, surveillance, risk and safety is information. At iView Systems, we believe that timely access to the right data improves how people make decisions. iTrak® BI gives users the ability to visualize and analyze data across the organization, helping enterprises make the right decisions quickly. 

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