Lost & Found Module


Available as Solution or Add-on Separately Dependent on the Environment

The iTrak Lost & Found module provides a complete integrated organized solution for maintaining lost reports and matching them against large found item databases. An operator can visually review what has been reported as lost or found and manage the disposal of these items. They can respond immediately to inquiries about lost items, including the ability to locate items by date, category, colour, material, manufacturer, serial number and location.



Secondary Title

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The Lost & Found module provides a visual colour coded view of current outstanding found items as well as the ability to view previously disposed or returned items and all relevant details. It also offers a multi key word search allowing quick searches of existing found item descriptions and all associated details.


  • Integrates seamlessly into the iTrak desktop
  • Maintains existing iTrak security and drop downs
  • User defined customizable fields
  • Multiple bar code support


Cost Efficient

  • Client/server architecture provides a single centralized database for multiple properties
  • Upgrade module for iTrak platform



  • Complete reporting, including aging, disposal and return reports
  • Single report generation including all related lost & found data and photographs
  • Support for export to PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Crystal Reports


  • Colour coding to differentiate between outstanding found, returned and disposed items
  • Multiple key word searching
  • Ability to generate lost reports against found item database
  • Ability to generate comprehensive found reports
  • Powerful lost & found matching engine for large found item databases
  • Provides optional lost report generation, reducing “sweethearting” of found items
  • Comprehensive disposed and returned item verification process
  • Ability to attach scanned or other documents to reports

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