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Lite vs. Enterprise

iView Systems scalable & modular security solutions fits any size and infrastructure. Customize the system to meet business' needs and budget.

Companies with growth plans are assured of their investment in iTrak Lite, as an upgrade path to iTrak Enterprise is available and allows for a scalable and familiar solution to their regional, national or international plans.  iTrak Lite and iTrak Enterprise are functionally equal, except for the following differences:

  • iTrak Lite accommodates a single physical property whereas iTrak Enterprise is a multi-property system with no limit on the number of properties available for purchase (iTrak properties are associated to the reporting structure of your company’s organization chart or a separate physical building).
  • iTrak Lite can accommodate up to 10 concurrent users. iTrak Enterprise has no limit to the number of concurrent user licences that can be purchased.
  • The iTrak Lite database engine can be SQL Express or SQL server. Note: SQL Express 2005 has a database size limit of 4 GB and SQL Express 2008 has a database size limit of 10 GB.
  • iTrak Lite ships with a preconfigured general security database, while Enterprise is customized by iView Systems’ deployment team to meet specific client requirements. Both platforms allow for full customization as required.

Software deployment options:

iView Sytems offers flexible software deployment options. Depending on your organization’s needs, the location of your end-users (inside/outside the firewall), and administrative options, you can choose to deploy iView Systems, iTrak Incident Reporting in one of the following modes:




On-premises Software (Thick/thin client)

  • Offers greater end-to-end control of your software
  • Maintains IP within your organization
  • Implement significant customization


Software as a Service

  • Core architecture makes it the most economical choice
  • Speedy implementation
  • Infrastructure, service, and support costs are included
  • Integration is quick and easy using application programming interfaces (APIs)
  • Customization flexable and available
  • Upgrades are automatically applied to all users 
  • Encourages alignment of people/ process/system

Hosted/ASP Software

  • Hosted through an operational hosting provider or ASP, users access these remote computing resources over a network, typically the Internet. 
  • IT overhead cost is transferred to the hosting provider – perfect for smaller organizations to outsrouces staff, or maintain its own data center or support desk.
  • Inquire about iView's preferred outsourced services partners.

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