iTraxWorx Mobile Audit Management Reporting on the move.

Mobile Audit Management

iTrax Worx delivers an automated form based inspection platform that can serve a variety of compliance and audit situations including; food safety checks, WSIB/OSHA audits for fire safety, HVAC system, WHIMIS, UL monitoring for fire systems and many others. Integrated GIS real time proof of presence tied to checklists validates these inspections and auditing functions.

iTrax Worx custom forms can include:

  • drop-down lists,
  • tables,
  • signatures,
  • GPS location based audit stamps,
  • date-pickers,
  • check boxes,
  • media (pictures),
  • radio buttons, e-mail and more. 

The forms can be as simple or as comprehensive as needed for specific inspections or audits.

This real-time information submission can be then correlated against the specific audits and inspections as needed to address exception reporting, deficiency and compliance.



iTrax™ Worx is a scalable solution capable of ensuring Inspections for small area sites as well as large multi-branch environments with thousands of Jobs across hundreds of sites.

iTrax™ Worx Central is a cloud based application hosted within the Microsoft Azure cloud, that provides ubiquitous access to all environments and freedom from system maintenance perspective.

Flexible Applications

  • Compliance Audits / Site Inspections „ UL Fire System inspections
  • Camera inspections
  • Specific Asset Inspections
  • Safety compliance inspections
  • Physical Security Audits
  • Washroom/Hotel room Checks

Job Assignment

  • Enables the creation and
    assignment of Job activities
  •  Jobs can be scheduled in advance „ Jobs can be related to specific forms
    and assets
  • Full reporting on completed/non-
    completed jobs
  • Work in progress reports

Increased Accountability

  • Track movement of personnel
  • Ensure all checkpoints are visited 
  • Summary reporting available for Risk Management oversight.
  • Threats to safety are reduced by more comprehensive patrolling

Conmprehensive Reporting

  • iTrax Worx cloud based application
    provides access to all management,
    reporting, configuration and GIS
  • Proof of attendance/verification
    checks, is ideal for corporate,
    industrial, warehouses critical
    process environments, schools,
    universities, hospitals and hotels
  • Forces planned, structured audited
    rules for officers
  • Provides a record for
    insurance/compliance/legal & safety

Real-time Reporting

  • GIS location support
  • Optional iTrak Integration


Cost Efficient

  • Scalable licencing model based on

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