iTrak Forms

The iTrak Forms library allows customized Adobe® PDF forms to be created to match government, jurisdictional, company, department and many other forms used in incident management environments. These forms eliminate the need for maintaining separate paper based information and electronic reports.

iTrak Forms library can be configured to link to existing iTrak Personnel, Contacts and/or Subjects for selection and pre-population of the involved parties. This provides a seamless reporting process for iTrak users and ensures that all required information and people are captured as part of an investigation.

iTrak Forms library offers increased security by adding iTrak permissions to each form to ensure only necessary departments and users can create, edit or view the form information itself. Once the individual is chosen, they are auto attached to the incident file as a participant to ensure that the full history of all of their incidents is maintained.

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  • Auto-attach iTrak Forms to incidents based on any incident criteria setup by an administrator.

Administrators can setup scenario's where if a user creates a medical incident, for example, the system will auto attach the companies own medical form, accessible by selected departments and roles. This provides a seamless reporting process for users and ensures that all required information is captured as part of an incident report and only visible by selected departments and roles.

Given the diverse reporting requirements across jurisdictions, companies and departments, iTrak Forms library as part of the iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management Platform provides a cost effective and secure integrated approach to full investigation management and compliance.



iTrak Form Designer is a standalone tool that enables users to create their own custom forms in iTrak capturing data allowing users to search, print and generate ad-hoc report from the data collected via the custom form. The custom PDF form allow users to generate forms that are tailored to their specific business requirements. 


  • Integrates seamlessly with the iTrak Incident Reporting & Risk Management System
  • Maintains existing iTrak security and drop downs
  • Support both Incident and Work Order modules
  • Full custom field support


  • Utilizes existing iTrak user, group, department and property security


  • Supports existing iTrak links to subjects, contacts and personnel
  • Supports iTrak auto form attachment
  • Supports check boxes, list boxes and more
  • Supports searchable fields within the custom form

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