Pre-register, approve and manage visitors and reduce check-time time with the iPass Web Registration module

iPass Web Registration

Online Visitor Registration

The iPass Visit Registration Web Portal provides a comprehensive application to pre-register, approve and manage visitors.

The iPass Visit Registration Web Portal provides a web driven application for employees to pre-register visitors and groups via the intranet or internet thus reducing visit request times and miscommunication between employees and security/visit staff.

The iPass Visit Registration Web Portal provides complete employee registration and authorization as well as e-mail notification and alerts to security staff of pending visit requests, changes, approvals, arrivals and overdue visits.

This integration provides the key advantage of access to existing personnel, banned/watched subjects and location synergies, reducing the need for duplicate visitor information or multiple redundant information entry.



Adding the iPass Visit Registration Web Portal to an existing iPass Visitor Management System is simple, secure and effectively empowers employees to schedule and maintain their meetings/visits in conjunction with security/visit staff.


  • Integrates seamlessly with the iTrak Incident Reporting & Risk Management System
  • One click sign-in/out and badge printing
  • Pre-registration capabilities

Cost Effective

  • Client/server architecture provides a single centralized database for multiple properties
  • No software installation required

Visitor Management

  • Wizard driven employee web visit requests
  • Visitor and group registration
  • Visit update capability 
  • Auto web visit request notification
  • Integrated approval process
  • Auto host e-mail notification
  • Overdue visit auto e-mail notification


  • Integration with existing subject, generic participants and personnel, including ban/watch notification
  • Internet and intranet capable
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 


  • Customizable HTML pages
  • Full quick search
  • Colour Coding for Visit Status
    Direct visit updates and requests to iPass Platform for review and approval

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