Open & Integrated. Connect with various security & operational systems

iView Systems open architecture platform provides web services based SDK to facilitate integration with third party applications for data collection.


Integrated solution with open API’s

  • Single platform for managing alerts from all systems
  • Escalate alerts into security dispatches or investigations
  • Outbound notifications to 3rd Party Systems (HR, Access Control, etc.)

External System Integration

  • Scheduled Imports from Multiple Systems (HR, Access Control, etc.)
  • Powerful Mapping and Conversion features
  • Outbound Web Service to 3rd Party Systems (HR, Access Control, etc.)


Out-of-box Components

  • Drag and Drop Grid Grouping, Filtering and Views
  • Built in “Canned “ Reporting
  • Built in Visualizations


Optional Modules

  • Ad-Hoc Reporting Module
  • Business Intelligence - Dashboard Module

Integrated Solution with Open Architecture


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