Improve security officer dispatch management and workflow. The Dispatch system provides a real-time view of all current activity with full officer status and assignment.

Security Officer Dispatch System - Ensuring Officer Safety

 Two applications options:

Self-Serve Kiosk - Cloud-based

iDispatch Kiosk is the front-end application that security officers will use on a touch screen tablet

Security Manager - Local Network

iDispatch Kiosk Admin is the application used by Officer Managers to manage the kiosk and the features that go along with it. This application is installed on the Dispatch Manager’s computer

iDispatch Local Network

The iDispatch Security System provides an easy to use software tool designed to improve security officer dispatch management and workflow. In addition, the dispatch system provides a real-time view of all current activity with full officer status and assignment. With the iDispatch system, personnel availability, status and location are immediately visible for efficient deployment and dispatch detail tracking.

Self-Serve Officer iDispatch Kiosk

Properties or business of significant size with a large complement, even hundreds of security officers checking in at the same time or constantly changing availability status, is a time-consuming task. For any dispatch administrator or security desk who manually manage officer status (on duty, on break, unavailable, etc.), this is tedious and efficient.

The dispatch kiosk works in conjunction with iDispatch module, manages your officer staff and replaces single point of management for dispatch officers and automates the sign in/out/break process and automatically provides security briefing/location based post orders on sign-in. Supports RFID.

idispatch kiosk with login screen.jpg

iDispatch Kiosk Finger print reader.jpg

iView Systems has automated the officer sign-in/out/status with a self-service kiosk for security officers. The officer can sign in with a unique RFID card and to further authenticate the officer, figerprint verification can be tied to the officer.

The interface is simple and easy to use. The officer simply selects their status as: available; unavailable, on break, off duty as well as log radio ID and location code if required. Upon sign-in the officer will also be presented with their daily brief or their post orders. This is an effective method of providing up-to-date details pertaining to the specific property, as well, may include information such as BOLO’s, VIP’s special events, etc. and the post order would be specific to the property, location code or specific instructions related to the officer’s function.


The self-service Sign on, status and briefing for dispatch security Officers features include:

  • Replaces single point of management for dispatch officers
  • Automates the sign in/out/break process
  • Automatically provides Security briefing/location based post orders on sign in
  • RFID support


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iDispatch delivers a complete dispatch solution integrated within the iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management platform taking advantage of existing personnel, location and daily log reporting. By direct integration into the iTrak platform, the initial information for a daily log is automatically populated and can be escalated to a full blown incident.

Features & Benefits

  • Ensuring the safety of your officers
  • Maximize efficient and effective use of officer resources
  • Centralized and fully detailed views of pending dispatches, dispatches in progress and officer status
  • Complete tracking of dispatch arrival and clear times, with associated arrival and clearace codes
  • Easily dispatch officers nearest the scene for quickest response
  • Urgent, high, normal and low dispatch levels
  • Customizable emergency levels
  • Full dispatch history
  • Seamlessly integrates with the iTrak incident management platform, details of the dispatch are automatically synchronized with the daily log allowing for quick incident escalation
  • Intelligently enforces consistent work flow
  • Robust permission assignments


Flexible & Easy to Use

  • Integrates seamlessly into the iTrak desktop
  • Enter, track, print and assign dispatches
  • Automatically create daily logs from individual dispatches
  • Complete officer status
  • Drag and drop officer assignment

Cost Effective

  • Client/server architecture provides a single centralized database for multiple properties
  • Available as Module for iTrak platform
  • Maintains existing iTrak security and drop downs

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