Extend your security management reporting with embedded or third party identification software add-on's such as facial, vehicle recognition software

Identification Management Solutions

Document, Identify, Isolate and Report on any Activity

Given the sheer volume of people, vehicles and events at multiple large facilities, manual identification and activity monitoring is subject to entry mistakes, errors, omissions and is a time consuming activity.


iView’s identification solutions provide comprehensive integrated options for many identification and reporting requirements from automated license plate reading and alerting, to automatic facial recognition identification, anti money laundering and ID collection. iView’s integrated identification options automate, collect and process thousands of manual transactions in seconds, providing the ability to tightly document, identify, isolate and report on any activity around the enterprise.


ID scanning solutions streamline the collection and identification process by automating the scanning and data entry for a variety of ID and business cards into iView’s platforms.
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License Plate Recognition solutions are designed to accurately read and alert on any plates from virtually any country, state or province. This tool increases the effectiveness of self-exclusion programs and trespass management, while enhancing the safety and security of any environment.
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Facial Recognition delivers an automated active real time surveillance and identification solution replacing manual systems such as operator comparison of surveillance subjects to “mug” books.
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Kiosk security platforms provide a simple intuitive method of tracking and recording individual entrants into any facility. It provides the ability to identify valuable customers as well as undesirables, providing a safer venue for a facility's staff and customers.
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By integrating and providing end-to-end identification options for people, vehicles and ID, iView’s integrated identification solutions deliver a comprehensive reporting platform for security, surveillance, safety, compliance, food and beverage, venue and many other departmental and enterprise groups to ensure a safe, secure workplace meeting and exceeding today’s multiple industry compliance requirements.

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