Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Security Managers need to manage unforeseen events, report incidents and track all the metrics and statistics needed for allocation of resources.


Notify, Track, Analyze, Report Security Incidents, Daily Logs, Accidents & Near-misses in a standardized and centralized database

  • Increase the safety and security of personnel, patients, hospital property and other assets
  • Alerting and drill-down reporting using custom dashboard analysis and reporting to optimize security decisions
  • Manage security incidents, notifications and case management from occurrence to resolution
  • Dispatch personnel and manage day-to-day activities
  • Promote a positive and safe workplace with Anonymous Reporting
  • Real-time integration with cameras,
    alarm systems and other existing systems

Track accurate incident files on admitted patients with iDispatch

Having the ability to utilize a dispatch security system along with an incident reporting and risk managed environment, iTrak offers an economic solution to risk management obstacles, providing a wealth of features designed to increase security, while improving staff efficiency and compliance with security policies.

With hundreds of staff employed, a healthcare facility requires a tool which will enable them to properly track staff involvement when incidents occur and dispatch work schedules, while tracking accurate incident files on the admitted patients and anything that occurred during treatments / visits.

With a dispatch system in place, personnel availability, status and location are immediately visible for efficient deployment and dispatch detail tracking. In addition, the dispatch system provides a real-time view of all current activity with full officer status and assignment.


The system has the ability to tailor to certain search fields for optimization. Some of the main fields include: Date, Classification of Incidents, Property, Contacts, Damaged Property Fields, Theft Fields and Case Numbering.

iDispatch delivers a complete dispatch solution integrated within the iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management platform taking advantage of existing personnel, location and daily log reporting. 

By direct integration into the iTrak platform, the initial information for a daily log is automatically populated and can be escalated to a full blown incident.



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Customer Case Study

Seattle Children's Incident Reporting System

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