Highly Secure, Multi Property, Multi Departmental Reporting Platform

This approach is consistent with our goal to provide our clients with a centralized, fully converged platform enabling a multitude of transactions and tasks to be handled via a single desktop environment. In a typical environment, iTrak replaces in excess of 18 disparate systems into a single enterprise application, providing tangible operational efficient benefits as well as economic benefits relating to IT support requirements.

The award-winning iTrak® software platform for Incident Reporting and Risk Management automates and integrates your physical security information management reporting needs. 

iView Systems software remains the leading solution for managing incidents, events and people in the physical security infrastructure.

Our iTrak Incident Reporting & Risk Managmeent software suite is designed to connect disparate physical security, IT and operational systems and to automate manual security processes in order to reduce both costs and risks.

As part of the iTrak Software Suite, we have created a host of applications that help automate physical security system functions, such as visitor management role-based access, self-service administration, identity/event correlation and reporting into a single Web-based interface that is easy to manage and use.

iView Systems products are available for Schedule GS-35F-0553P. All iView Systems software and products, including Incident Reporting, Visitor Management, Dispatch, Work Order, etc., through Four Points Technology, our approved GSA partner.

GSA Schedule Information

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