Customized badge design has never been easier

Employee Badging

Customize your own company badges with drag and drop features, including pictures, logos  as well as bar codes and expiry dates. 

In today's security conscious environments, being able to identify employees, visitors and contracted workers is imperative. With a large corporation having hundreds upon thousands of people entering and exiting buildings everyday, the need to identify which type of person is entering is vital for a risk managed environment.

With the iTrak Employee Badging Module this task has never been easier. You are able to customize your own company badges with drag and drop features, enabling for pictures and company logo's to be inserted, as well as bar codes and expiry dates. You are able to colour code your badges to differentiate authority levels amongst employees and contractors, allowing upon quick badge review, the ability to determine if the employee is a full-time, part-time or contracted worker.



The iTrak Employee Badging Module is fully integrated with the personnel, contacts, and subject records. Therefore you are able to select an individuals record within the iTrak system and are able to auto generate the type of badge for that individual by pressing the print badge button. Additionally, the Employee Badging Module is 100% kronos compatible.


  • Integrates seamlessly into the iTrak and iPass platforms
  • Excel like interface
  • One click badge printing
  • Support for third party badges with bar codes


Cost Efficient

  • Available as Module for iTrak and iPass platforms
  • Maintains existing iTrak/iPass security and drop downs


  • Integration with existing personnel, subjects and contacts
  • 1 key printing
  • Capable with majority of card printers
  • Ability to attach scanned document to visitors
  • Multi-property badging capabilities
  • Support for export to PDF, Microsoft Excel, Word, and Crystal Report


  • Drag and Drop
  • Insert Company Logos
  • Bar code capabilities
  • Insert Pictures

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