Comprehensive data mapping capabilities from multiple existing disparate systems

Data Importer

Given the large number of systems running in today’s highly computerized environments, managing duplication and aggregation of incorrect or outdated information can be a challenging task. From human resource management systems to employee card access and fleet vehicle databases, the myriad of systems and lack of direct communication or connectivity can pose a large difficulty for corporate IT and security staff. The inability to easily update, disable or manage duplicate employee records can lead to poor reporting as well as the associated security and liability risks with terminated employees and visitor management.

The iTrak Importer Modules provide a graphical user interface to configure, manage and automate centralized data import into the iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management and iPass Visitor Management Systems

Automated data mapping

The Importer Modules provide comprehensive mapping capabilities from multiple existing disparate systems into the iTrak/iPass subject, personnel and vehicle modules. Import routines can be defined from various systems across multiple database formats simultaneously. The routines can then be configured to run at required scheduled intervals to maintain/update key information such as hirings, terminations, vehicle assignment, photos and other associated important information into the iTrak and iPass systems.

Through the importers, iTrak and iPass users are given access to the latest, updated, relevant information available to ensure accurate information for reporting as well as employee, visitor and vehicle management.


  • SQL, OLE, CSV and directory scanning support
  • SQL table and view support
  • User friendly designer for importer configuration
  • Real-time or scheduled database updates



  • Multi function configurable field mappings
  • Data preview and validation tools
  • Conversion logic and error routines

Cost Efficient

  • Client/server architecture provides a single centralized importer for multiple database import configuration and management
  • Reduces time and resources required to manage multiple datasets
  • Reduces duplication of data from multiple systems

Best Practices

  • Integrates seamlessly into the iTrak desktop
  • Subject, personnel and vehicle importer options

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