Corporate Security and Surveillance Practitioners

Increase your business' efficiencies and reduce costs, improve security, reduce costs, increase performance and enhance service levels with minimum exposure to liability.

In the security and risk management, information is the currency for any security related department to operate efficiently. The need created is for risk management environments to pull real-time information together in order to be able to defend itself.

Risk assessment, risk and liability mitigation, corrective action planning, implementation and performance metrics rely upon effective information collection, management and secure dissemination.

Each industry has their own challenges that they face when dealing with risk. For corporate security and surveillance practitioners, the range, sources and extent of threats to be managed is dynamic. These challenges are being overcome, through integration of the various security elements resulting in increased efficiency both in terms of operational parameters and increased automation to simplify management of often highly complex systems.

The need for a tracking tool for all incidents that occur throughout different locations world wide is crucial. When you move into a converged system environment, you are able to capitalize on the information that is coming in and use it efficiently. This in itself becomes a return on investment by reducing administration overhead.

Required Reporting:

  • Distraction / Collusion
  • Violence
  • Criminal Activity / Money Laundering
  • Harassment
  • Theft (Internal / External)
  • Fraud
  • Audits
  • Health and Safety
  • Trespass Management
  • Customer Service

In addition to the iTrak incident reporting and risk management system, a visitor management system that will allow for security and surveillance personnel to keep track of visitors as well as the employees.

Advanced visitor management systems enable users to:

  • Know who is in their facilities and the employee(s) they are visiting
  • Visit duration
  • Generate VIP or POI alerts
  • Verify visitor ID
  • Provide early notification of persons who should be denied
  • Access detailed audit reports
  • Generate exception alerts such as fail to badge out
  • Create instant role call reports for emergency situations
  • Provide a centralized database and view of visitors for ALL facilities in the extended corporate network
  • Other advantages and tools to provide an enhanced security environment, improved customer service and staff efficiency


A door forced open and alarm occurring after normal business hours.

Once the alarm is received on the iTrak system, an officer will be dispatched via the Dispatch Module to investigate the alarm and report on the status. The status report made by the officer either onsite via Windows mobile device, or upon return to the security office would be included in the Daily Log file once the alarm has been investigated and repaired.



To further extend this, should the door be in need of repair, the Daily Log file can be escalated to an Incident with follow up by a supervisor via the Briefing Log to ensure that the repair is completed in a timely manner. All aspects of the door repair can be tracked through the various iTrak modules including iPass Visitor Management and the iTrak Work Order Module. The Work Order Module can be used to track the progress of the repair as well as any spare parts inventory used in the repair of the door.


The iPass Visitor Management module can be used to record the arrival and departure times of the subcontractor completing the repair. The data in these two modules can then be combined to form an automated monthly report for all contractor visits to the site including the duration of the visits and all spare used by work order. This report can then be compared to contractor billings to ensure that contractors are paid correctly.


The iTrax application can also be used by security officer for liability protection. For example there may be exterior sidewalk areas on a property that are the responsibility of the customer, but are not covered by CCTV cameras. A guard tour can be created that requires the officer to take a picture of the sidewalk during the tour. This will provide visible date and time stamped evidence that the sidewalk was clear in the event that a person reports a slip and fall due to snow or ice.


Further extending the idea of employees reporting issues of security or liability exposure, iView Systems offers an Anonymous Reporting module that allows for any employee or visitor to a facility to access a web page published via local wireless access in the facility and report a safety or security concern. This functionality can extended to support reporting for HR related issues such as harassment.

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