iTrak Incident & Security Management software manages the documentation of evidence, activities or events; providing a complete audit trail for accountability, compliance & enforcement

Compliance & Reporting Solutions

Many of today’s corporate enterprises face strict licensing, compliance and reporting requirements. Companies spend extraordinary amounts of time and money to conform to a range of regulatory requirements, including CLERY, OSHA, WSIB, environmental, as well as many additional internal compliance and safety policies. At the enterprise and individual level, compliance reporting for most companies has become a requirement and is standard policy.

iView Systems’ Reporting solutions automate the administration and management of compliance and form based processes and reporting requirements to ensure organizations are adhering to the latest compliance requirements.

iView’s compliance and reporting solutions include a variety of integrated options including:

  • Forms Library allows customized Adobe® PDF forms to be created to match government, jurisdictional, company, department and many other forms used in incident management environments. These forms eliminate the need for maintaining separate paper based information and electronic reports.
  • Large Cash Transaction, Anti-Money Laundering module lets you record and report Large Cash Transactions (LCTs) to Canada's Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FINTRAC). FINTRAC receives, analyses, assesses and discloses financial intelligence on suspected money laundering, terrorist financing, and threats to the security of Canada.

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