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Case Management Module
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iTrak Case Management module is the next generation investigations and case management system; provides a unique user friendly, secure environment to create, and manage the complete investigation cycle.

Incident and case management tools are the core of any security and investigations. A collaborative case management environment fosters efficiency and transparency in the investigative process for a holistically driven approach among investigation teams to reduce the complexity, time and expense associated with investigations. By streamlining collaboration and interactions among investigators, analysts, field operatives and subject matter experts curtails case complexity and time associated with the investigation.


Incident to Investigation:

An incident is an event that is often handled and resolved by a single officer, i.e., a workplace accident, but it is when an event presents a more complex scenario prompts a formal investigation be opened.

When an event presents a more complex scenario (e.g. suspected internal theft), a formal investigation may be conducted via Case Management. A formal investigation (case) differs from an incident report in that:

  • An investigation may be related to several incidents, persons or events within the case
  •  Significant cost may be involved (cost of investigation)
  • Significant risk or losses may result from the event
  • Detailed investigation is required to determine cause to identify specific countermeasures that may be implemented to reduce the probability of recurrence and the associated losses.
  • Multiple individuals (investigators, outside parties) may be involved
  • More detailed information is gathered throughout the investigation stages (witness, police reports)
  • Task management is required for investigator task assignment and tracking
  • Costs must be tracked for investigators' time and related costs such as use of outside agencies.

The Solution

iTrak® Case Management module is the next generation investigations and case management system that supports the dynamic work that occurs during an investigation by routing information to the right teams, managing content- and context-centric workflows and tracking investigation documents for strong investigative and case-building. The interface has been designed around the needs of the investigators to include features such as colour coded “sticky notes” add to the flexibility, and customizations are endless The case “container” captures and organizes all relevant content and activity on an investigation, providing a single, consistent view of the case to all members of the investigative team and the case elements can be laid out visually to suit the individual investigators preferences and requirements.





  • iTrak Case Manager introduces a new concept of Graphical User Interface (GUI) design to iTrak usersThe Case file comprises a number of elements each representing a container and control for specific and related information
  • These elements may be laid out within the case to suit the individual investigators preferences and requirements
  • To provide rapid access to review specific data related to the case, a “hover over” instant access feature is built in, along with an expand function for each element to view each containers contents
  • Special quick views are incorporated to display Participant relationships, Case Briefing and Time Line views
  • Case notes can be added at any time and colour coded via the “sticky notes” control

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