Seamless Video & Data Integration VideoXpert & iTrak Incident Management

At a Glance:

  • Optimized incident management with single user interface
  • Event visibility through the VideoXpert Ops Center
  • Unified event data and associated video during playback
  • Incident file export capabilities for easy access to relevant data including video with incident data


Data is a powerful tool. But data alone, only tells part of the story. Combine it with video and a detailed picture quickly comes into focus, empowering you to make informed, business-enabling decisions. With the integration of Pelco by Schneider Electric’s VideoXpert™ video management system and iView™ System’s iTrak® incident management solution, this capability is at your fingertips, setting a new standard for event management. Enabled through VideoXpert’s plug-in architecture, security professionals now have single-seat control via an intuitive user interface and can gather and easily export relevant with free-form narrative and media files. The result: A centralized platform that joins video with relevant incident data with ease.When an incident occurs, top priority for the user is incident identification and rapid response. The ability to respond quickly relies heavily on the usefulness of the data captured. The iTrak and VideoXpert integration provides users with the ability to link video captured by VideoXpert with the incident reporting capabilities of iTrak, providing comprehensive investigation management.

  • Daily log reporting
  • Risk analysis and assessment
  • Subject profiling
  • Gain operational efficiencies through integration of video and incident detection

Risk Management

Pelco_risk mgmt_screenshot.jpgWhen monitoring an incident, the user interface can play a role in how quickly information is retrieved. Users can leverage the Tagging feature in the VideoXpert Ops Center to tag cameras to quickly identify cameras linked to the iTrak system. Users can select from alternative UI views to only show an incident when needed. When an incident is detected, the video captured in the Ops Center is exported as an Incident File with supporting Narrative or Media attachments, making it possible to access all relevant data in a single location.


  • Video playback is quickly enabled, allowing easy management of all events captured.
  • Population of basic Incident File data including location, sub-location, date and time as well as a short description
  • Ability to include supporting attachments in the form of a Narrative or Media file
  • Narrative files provide flexibility to include free-form text, critical in instances when collecting witness accounts or documenting incident notes
  • Media attachments enable to user to include pictures, PDF files, and more....

To learn more, contact a Pelco or iView Systems sales representative in your area today, or learn more about Peleco VideoXpert visit or iTrak Incident Reporting.