Today witches and goblins and Jack O'Lanterns creep through town, but there's one thing you shouldn't be frighten of and that's your employee training path.

If lack of time and training keeps you up at night, it's time we introduced you to the iView Systems eLearning Academy

The iView Academy is your complete online training resource centre, designed to support you through unfamiliar and new features.

Your subscription to the iView Academy includes unlimited access to the online elearning centre, and provides a range self-paced online learning modules. Each track is comprised of eLearning courses and/or assessment exams, including handouts organized by module and role-based learning paths.

By empowering employees with the tools and choice to select how and when they learn, with flexible, customizable and continuous education, businesses will realize the benefits of greater knowledge capital, as well as increased productivity.




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