iPass® Visitor Management System

ipass banner rev2Check, Track & Verify Visitors

In today’s security conscious environments, entering, managing and tracking visitors is a key task. Front desk staff and security officers in most organizations today use unreliable, inaccurate and inefficient paper based systems.

The iPass® Visitor Management System allows organizations to streamline the check-in process for visitors. Businesses can collect and easily recall real-time accurate data of current and pending authorized visitors and track visitor information to help monitor employee, visitors and facility safety. The iPass® Visitor Management application utilizes ID scanning, electronics signatures, pre-registration web portal of individuals, email notifications, and customizable printing of visitor badges.

iPass® delivers a complete visitor management solution integrated within the iTrak® Incident Reporting Platform. This integration provides the key advantage of access to existing personnel, banned/watched subjects and location synergies, reducing the need for duplicate visitor information or multiple redundant information entry.

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  • Integrates seamlessly with the iTrak Incident Reporting & Risk Management System
  • One click sign-in/out and badge printing
  • Pre-registration capabilities
  • Support for third party badges with bar codes

Cost Effective

  • Client/server architecture provides a single centralized database for multiple properties
  • Available as Module for the iTrak platform
  • Maintains existing iTrak security and drop downs

Visitor Management

  • Central visitor application to track current and pending visitors
  • Visitor and group registration
  • Work flow and permissions to manage visitor application consistent with existing iTrak platform
  • Multiple bar code support
  • Auto host e-mail notification
  • Overdue visit auto e-mail notification


  • Integration with existing subject, generic participants and personnel, including ban/watch notification
  • Full quick search, advanced search and ad hoc SQL searching
  • Ability to attach scanned identification documents to visitors
  • Photo Capture Capability
  • Signature Tablet Capability

The iPass Visitor Management System provides a comprehensive application to pre-register/register visitors, while delivering custom badging services and maintaining a real-time and historical list of current and pending authorized visitors throughout the enterprise.