Patron Manager

The iKiosk solution provides a simple intuitive method of tracking and recording individual entrants in a casino/club or similar environment. The optional touch screen Kiosk integrates directly with the iTrak Incident Reporting & Risk Management Platform banned subject database, providing the ability to identify patrons that may have been involved in a previous incident, alert door staff to banned or underage patrons, act as a deterrent for criminals, while subsequently providing a safer venue for a facility’s staff and patrons.

iKiosk Screenshots


    • Integrates seamlessly into the iTrak and iDVR Acquire platforms
    • USB interface
    • Light-weight and fully portable
    • Twain compliant

Cost Effective

        • Client/server architecture provides a single centralized database for multiple properties
        • Available as Module for iTrak platform
        • Maintains existing iTrak/iDVR Acquire security and drop downs


        • Identifying individuals that have been involved in prior incidents such as assaults or who are affiliated with known groups or illegal substances
        • Membership, ID and age verification for the security of your audience and venue
        • Full reporting for demographic (gender, age, frequency, etc.), membership attendance and traffic


        • Ability to identify and prevent self-excluded, banned and underage patrons from entering a facility, thereby reducing associated risks and potential litigation
        • Productivity gains in being able to remove undesirables before facility entry, rather than security being required to remove them with force

iKiosk can be run on a traditional Microsoft Windows XP or higher workstation via a mouse or touch screen interface. Additionally, iKiosk has the ability to quickly scan a patron’s government issued identification via iView’s iD Acquire hardware line of ID scanners. The scanners allow for direct picture, full identification and OCR data population for business cards, driver's licenses, passports and other card based identification into the Personnel, Subjects and Contacts modules of all iView solutions including the iTrak and iKiosk software platforms.